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Funny Sentences

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The game goes like this:
1) every student need to prepare a piece of paper
2) devide your class into 4 groups (A B C D),at best with the same number of students in each.
3)ask the students in Group A to write a name of any person they come up with. (it would be better that the person is well-known, like Gorge W. Bush...)
4) ask the students in Group B to write any time they like(e.g. last night)
5) ask the students in Group C to write any place as they want (e.g. on Moon)
6) ask the students in Group D to write anything that a person may be doing.
and then you just randomly choose a student in each group to read what he wrote on the paper from Group A to Group D.
every student only contributes one part of a sentence, so you can't expect how funny the sentences may be. (e.g. George W. Bush, last night, on Moon, dance; Jackie Chen, 3:00 am, in my room, take a shower.)
Enjoy it!
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Sichuan Normal, China

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