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The Bunker Game

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Teaching teenagers is fun but very demanding. Teachers should always be ready to prepare lots of visual aids and lots of games too. When it comes to teaching vocabulary, we should be aware that they easily forget the words we taught one two or three days ago. In order to consolidate the vocabulary taught in my previous lesson, I came up with a game that I call "The Bunker Game" (donīt ask me why, itīs a loong stoy).
Letīs say I have a lesson on jobs. Next lesson, Iīll prepare a list of all the vocabulary Iīve previously taught. To start out the class Iīll ask the first student to tell me a job, and then if itīs correct, Iīll ask the second student for a job, and so on until one student canīt say a job. This student is out of the game and then Iīll start everything again until thereīs only one student left. This activity can be easily done as a warmer and itīs nice because it makes students think a lot.
For advanced groups you can try jobs with the letter "P" for instance. After that, you could also do the same thing with clothes, food etc... this way you can also revise the vocabulary taught in previous lessons.

Eduardo Santos
Recife PE Brazil
[email protected]

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