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drawing descriptions

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well, i try to get variety and humour in my lessons and i've found that the students' atristic skills are often a source of amusement. like pictionary, which is fun, but not very oral.
so, once i told the students to close their eyes and think about 'nature'... after a second or so, i put them in pairs and told them that one should keep thinking about 'nature' and tell the other student what he/she 'sees'. the partner then draws 'nature' as this person sees it, and can ask questions to clarify some details, like: "are the two birds flying above the trees or the lake? are there any people?"
after a while the picture is nearly done, and the 'describing' ss can open their eyes and look if the picture in any way resembles their mental picture.
of course you can use other topics too.
and, as a variation, you can also put ss in pairs and ask them to randomly describe any thing they think about, without them saying what it is, and the partner-ss have to guess what it is when the picture is finished.

ok, have fun.
this is good warm up stuff.

roel cruijff

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