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Feelings Race

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This game has three parts.
Part One. Write a feeling on the board, i.e. hungry, cold, excited, bored. Say, "I'm hungry. What will you give me?" Let students shout out as many things as they can and write them on the board. Do about 15-16 states-of-being, some new and some review. Teach students the formula "Would you like......?" and "Here you go."
Part Two. Have objects that could be given for each emotion drawn up on cards (and you're going to want to laminate these babies twice). Show the picture and ask, "What is this?" and "When do you need this?"
Part Three (the fun part). Divide the class into five teams. Put all the cards in the back of the room and stand in the front. The first member of each team comes up. I call out, "I'm hungry." The students race to the back, find the right card, bring it to me and ask, "Would you like a cake?" I say, "Yes, I would like a cake." "Here you go." "Thank you." to which they must respond, "You're welcome." Their team gets two points. If I say I'm hot and someone brings me a fan and another person brings a glass of water, I'll except both. If they bring a reasonable item back, but not what I intended or can't complete the dialogue, that's one point. As the game progresses, I will call out two things emotions or states-of-being that might go together or feelings that could have more than one answer.
I have large classes, so this works well to get everyone engaged and the students get excited at the competition. Be forewarned, though, if you work at an all-boys school, it gets very violent (and the girls are not much better by the end of class).

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