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Art Lesson using Present Perfect

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Hi! , It's me again, Lilian , and here is another idea just to teach the present perfect. I worked with it some time ago and it was just perfect and my students loved it.
First , on the blackboard , draw a house , for example , with a broken window , a broken window , with graffities on the wall , etc... make your students draw it on their notebooks and then , when finished , start asking questions :
e.g. What changes does the house need? ( show your students how to answer "The fence needs to be repaired / The grass needs to be cut"..) after that, ask your students to draw another house but now with all the necesary changes in orther for the house to look tidy and pretty according to them.
Now, after finishng , pick one of your students' "master pieces" and show it to the whole group and ask them:
What has been changed in the new drawing?
and give an example of the answer:
e.g. The walls HAVE BEEN PAINTED.
Continue picking your students works and asking questions .
It's just impressive how your students work so hard on drawing the house , It's really fun they will love it!

If you have any ideas to share , I'd love to hear them out! mail me!
[email protected]

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