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I have been pillaging the site for ideas which have saved my neck on more than one occasion. Here is my attempt to repy you all. I teach small groups, mostly of adults, and this game works fabulously for between 3 and 10 people of any level and requires next to no preparation.

Give the students each a piece of paper with the following paragraph on it:

I love my love with a __ because s/he is _______ and ________. His/her name is _________, s/he lives in _____________ where she works as a ____________. His/her favorite food is _________ and in his/her spare time s/he likes ____________.

and the alphabet written underneath. The students must then take turns saying the paragraph out loud, going through the alphabet filling the blanks with words starting with the appropriate letter. For example, I would start with something like:

I love my love with an 'A' because she is adorable and attractive. Her name is Anne, she lives in America, where she works as an actress. Her favorite food is apples, and in her spare time she likes archery.

The first student would then say:

I love my love with a 'B' because he is boring and bigoted, his name is Boris etc.

You can really grill them over masculin/feminin pronouns and the third person 's', and the game is great fun and lasts easily 40 minutes if you go all the way through to Z. It could easily be extended by adding other thnigs like his/her favorite band, drink, animal, sport, whatever. A great time waster and usually very funny as you get some odd innamoratas.

Best of luck

Haplessdan 'at'

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