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Beginner's Brilliant Birthday Bingo

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Here's (yet another!) variation of bingo to practice ordinal numbers and to personalize the game for the students.

Pre-teach dates and ordinal numbers (get them to line up and rearrange them a couple of times!). In pairs, then to the class, students say their birthdays. Then have students come up to the board and write down their birthdays in number form (for example, 8/12/80). Students draw the grid of squares (3x3) and fill it with 9 birthdays of their choice. Then the teacher, or a student, reads out birthdays off the board in full (for example,'eighth of december nineteen-eighty'). The students cross off the birthdays they hear and first student with a correct row horizontally, diagonally or vertically wins.

You could also do this with times.

Nic, Zhengzhou, China

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