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Stringing them along

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This is a good getting acquainted game. I use it with adults and teenagers in South Korea.

You need:
A ball of yarn or string.

Put the students in a circle.
You hold the yarn and introduce yourself. "My name is _____. I am your teacher. I am from _____ blah blah blah"
Then hold on to the end of the string and throw the yarn to a student across from you. He then introduces himself and throws the yarn to another student, while holding the string. The game continues until everyone is holding the string.
The second round I have them throw the string back to the person that threw it to them and ask that person a question while rolling the ball back up.
I have also had a class do this with compliments, but it is embarrassing if there is someone no one can think of anything good about.
The only other snag in this game is that the yarn sometimes tangles so check it before you bring it to class.

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