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MY HOME TOWN is not so nice

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Lots of people know Bruce Springsteen and the song My Home Town. Since I'm originally from New Jersey (currently in Germany) I use our favorite son in class. Like most songs we never really bother to listen to the lyrics...never mind learning them. Personally I just head "my home town" and never bothered to learn what the song was about. I thought that it was corny, but the song actually has a deeper meaning, and you can find a good article to go along with this song at Look for abandoned and then look for Asbury Park. I have my students listen to the song twice (once without the lyrics and then with the lyrics) and then we read parts of the Weird New Jersey article about "The Boss's" abandoned home town of Asbury Park. Questions to get the students talking are, How did things change in Asbury Park? What would you do if your town died?

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