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I won't back down...idiom magic

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I used tom petty's song "Back Down" (song number 12 on his greatest hits album)
This song contains tons of idioms having to do with strength. It worked really well for the class. I left all of the idioms (back down, drag me down, stand me up etc.) blank and had students fill in the blanks by listening.
we then went over the song and talked about what it was about
then we sang it as a class (this was the bast part...they loved the strength that it gave them)
i then had the students make their own lyrics. the song had to use some of the idioms we had studied and it had to be about strength.

This activity was so much fun! My students loved it.
Tom Petty's music is really good for studying lyrics. they're easy to understand and they have a lot of cultural idioms...

have fun

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