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This works great to help beginner students learn the alphabet, colors AND vocabulary all at the same time!

1.I had a sheet with 3 pictures on the front, 3 on the back (because we always do 3 together as examples). I colored each picture a different color. Next to the picture I put as many spaces as there are letters in the word, and put a colored number under each space. For example, DRESS - I colored the picture GREEN, then made 5 spaces. Under each space I put 1-5 in GREEN.

2. I made a separate sheet with the alphabet. Under the letters we would be using, I put the corresponding colored number(s). (It's okay for a letter to be used mulitple times because of the colors, and numbers - not as confusing as it might seem!) So, for DRESS, a green 1 was under 'D.' A green 2 under 'R', green 3 under 'E', green 4,5 under 'S.'

3. The student only needs to find the matching colored number, THEN writes the letter above that number in the space on the first sheet. Thus, once you show them how it works, they can spell out the words without your guidance. When they finish a word, sound it out. It's an exercise that allows them a sense of independence.

My student is a beginner-beginner and she really enjoyed this exercise. I thought it might be difficult to explain, but it was surprisingly straight-forward when I showed her.


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