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I agree with the teacher who said keep your personal life out the classroom. My attitude is the same, in that am there to teach and not to socialise. I have spoken to many students who have felt that lessons with former teachers were spent in idle chit chat and not brain storming a grammar rule. Lazy teachers turn there lessons into chatting sessions. Insecure teacher turn their students into friends, as they have a need to be liked. I must be honest I did this when I first started out. I tried to get the students on side to hide my lack of knowledge or my nervousness. Now that I am confident with the job, I just teach. Students are not really that bothered about what you ate for dinner at the weekend - they want to learn the language and THEY want to do the speaking. Of course some students may want this, but in my experience, I have found that students want a stong teacher, who can teach them the difference between the present simple and perfect and who knows where the lesson (and the course) is going. Students generally want and need a teacher, not a new buddy.

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