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Teaching Jobs with Notting Hill

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I was looking for a video session for my beginner group in which I could teach them jobs. It is quite hard to do video session with beginners because of their difficulty in understanding the plot of a story.
The movie NOTTING HILL is a great option. After pre-teaching jobs to your students, give them 2 flashcards each with one job written in each. For instance: Photographer, Reporter, Actress, Football Player etc.. Then, play the last 15 minutes of the movie (start out with the scene in which Julia Roberts is talking to Hugh Grant at the bookshop). Tell your students to pay close attention to the movie so that they can figure out if the jobs they have received on the flashcard are/aren´t shown on the scene.
I have done this activity several times and my students used to love it. Most of them end up renting the movie after class.

Eduardo Santos
Recife, PE - Brazil
[email protected]

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