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Manic Monopoly

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I was so impressed with you people taking the time to share these wonderful games on this site, that I decided to add somethin of my own. I have used this with my adult students in lieu of a test AND It is MUCH more fun than a test! I got a couple of old Monopoly games at garage sales. I used colored construction paper and cut-to-fit and taped the pieces onto the backs of the Propertiesw, Chance cards, and Community Chest cards. I used elements of what we had done so far in the class. I was the Banker (looking after the money and being the animator). Here are the rules: (You might make it even more interesting than I have):
If you land on a Property - you must do what it says on the back of that property. If you get it right, you can take the money it is worth, buy it, or buy houses or hotels.

If you land on Chance - you must use something from the Lesson marked on the card and make a sentence .

If you land on Community Chest - "Stump the Teacher" - you must ask a question, or give a sentence to the teacher in English, and the teacher must answer it in your language (in my case, it is French). If you succeed in stumping the teacher OR if you get your own sentence perfect, you can take the money written on the back of the card. If you fail, you must put that amount in the middle of the board. (must be sentences from lessons.)

If you land on Go To Jail - Opponent can take any property of yours and you must put 100$ in the middle of the board to get out.

If you land on Free Parking - Take all the money in the middle.

If you speak any words except English, you must put $10 in the middle.

You can set a time limit or continue nest class and set a money limit for winning. Add up the price of properties, money in hand, houses prpice, hotels price.

IDEAS FOR PROPERTY CARDS (level of difficulty can be equal to the price: for instance, the Boardwalk and Park Place cards have more difficult tasks.

Name 5 parts of the body and point to them.
Use any irregular verb in a sentence in the PAST tense.
If I were a millionaire, I would...........
Your opponent gets to ask you a test question.

Have fun!

Let me know how this works out if you use it.
[email protected]

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