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To Tell the Truth/Impostor

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I love games, and this has to be one of my most successful ones I've used in class. This is a variation of the old game show, "To tell the Truth" and is most fun with classes that know each other moderately well. Firstly, ask the students to write down a secret, or something that no one else in the room knows, on a small sheet of paper with their name on it. Specify, that it is not to be something too personal, that by writing it down it may be revealed to the class. If they killed their father, tell them you dont want to know. After collecting the papers, pick the ones that are the juiciest or the ones that you would not typically associate with that student. Then pick that person and two other people at random(or ones that you would associate with this secret). Then instruct the ones you chose that they are all to pretend that it is their secret and that the one who gets picked by the majority of the class, will get a prize or bonus points. They are to give a short story about the secret, and then take a couple of questions from the class. Then let the class vote whose secret they think it is. Enjoy,
Rudy Dominguez
[email protected]
Changsha, China

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