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Fruit Bowl

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This is one of the best icebreakers I've ever done. It gets students up and moving and also gets them acquainted with each other and relaxed very quickly.
First, set up the class: move all the desks or chairs away from the center but arrange enough chairs for each student in the center of the class in a circle - like musical chairs. Have the students sit down. On the blackboard draw a picture of 3 peices of fruit - your choice. I always draw an apple, a banana, and grapes. Ask the students what the name of each is and label each above the fruit. Then draw a bowl under the fruit and again query the students as to what it is. Label it "fruit bowl".
Go around to each student and give them the name of a piece of fruit and make sure they memorize it. So each student will be either apple, banana, or grapes. Explain to them that when you say apple - all the apples stand up and change seats. Same thing when you call bananas or grapes. Go over it once with them for a trial run. Then tell them when you say fruit bowl-everyone will get up and exchange different seats.
Now call a peice of fruit and let the students exchange seats. They'll probably all giggle thinking it's ridiculous. Now call fruit bowl. As the students exchange seats you sit down quickly in one of the chairs thereby leaving one student without a seat. Now tell the very embarrassed student that they must pay a penalty by either introducing themselves to the group or better yet - sing a song! If you teach Korean students they are natural hams when it comes to singing and they'll all sing and clap along.
Now it's the student in the center who must call a peice of fruit and now you must play along in the game. They suddenly become very competitive and eager not to get caught in the center.
You're students will love it.

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