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Dollar 'Signs" (long-term discipline)

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I work in a small hagwon in Korea. Students are from 6 to 12 years old (western count). The school has a very useful reward/punishment system. I am only reporting it; the idea was someone else's

We give 'signs'. List the students' names on the board at the beginning of the class. Whenever a student gives a good answer or performs a helpful act, make a tally mark beside his/her name. Reply to bad behavior with a negative sign. At the end of the class, have students line up and sign your name in their text book or note book with the number of 'signs' that they earned that day
(e.g. Derek x 3).

Bad behavior results in previously accumulated signs being erased.

(One variant is to start each student with 3 tally marks and remove one for every bad behavior. When they get down to 0, they have to leave the room for 5 minutes or whatever you choose as punishment).
This variant is VERY (miraculously?) useful in quieting noisy students who seldom get signs any other way.

The point: every two or three months, we have a Market day. Signs can be traded for currency: 10 signs = 1 dollar, where a dollar is a small plasticized simulacrum of an American dollar. The market consists of several rooms in which we sell small items, like school supplies, or snacks or toys for 1 to 3 "dollars". (The market continues English lessons: they have to query and bargain in English).

It works!
The problem is pitching the idea to the Hagwon staff and following through on the Market day idea.

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