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Infinitely Flexible Grid Game

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This game is a relative of Xs-and-Os, on a bigger board.
It can be adapted to all sorts of grammar applications and (most)students love it.

Draw a 5 x 5 grid (other sizes can be used if necessary).
Choose categories for the rows and columns.
The object is to choose a row and column combination, and make a sentence using the words correctly. A simple example: giraffe (row) stripes (col): "A giraffe does not have stripes."

I have used many row/column combinations, for example pronouns and prepositions; animals and their characteristics; activities and days of the week. The possibilities are endless and this makes the game infinitely adaptible to your lesson plan.

Divide the class into teams; toss a coin to decide which goes first.
A correct sentence earns a mark in the grid square (X or O); incorrect leaves it unclaimed. The other team then gets a try.

The object is to get 3 Xs (or Os) in a row. The game is not over at the first 3-row. 4 in a row counts as 2 threes. Continue until the grid is full. Keep track of 3-rows. Team with the most, wins!

Rules for speaking sentences can be structured to the level of the class. I find the best is to require team members to take turns with minimal help from teammates. This results in peer pressure that brings the inattentive into play.

Refinements: You can use a basic sentence and embed the grid requirements within it, for example:

The girl is [rows: sitting standing eating playing dancing] [cols: in front of, beside, behind, next to, between] the boys.

Give it a try! It works.

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