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Money Hangman

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A good way for the children to learn about THEIR currency or any currency in English and to also review sentences.

You need:

Photocopied money. Lots of it, in all denominations.
3 dice.
A pre-typed sheet of paper indicating what each number between 3 and 18 is worth. Example: 3=1,000, 4=5,000, 5=10,000, 6 and 15 = miss a turn, 7 and 14 = bankrupt and so on.

Write a sentence on the board, hangman style. _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _. (Today is Tuesday).

The first student rolls the three dice. They roll a 10. Look on the sheet. 10 = 5,000. They then say a letter. If they 'T', then you write on the board. T_ _ _ _ _ _ T_ _ _ _ _ _. The student will then receive 10,000 from you as they have two t's at 5,000 each.

If someone says a letter that has already been said, then they forfeit their turn. If someone knows the whole sentence, they must put up their hand and say "Answer!". If they are right, give them 10,000 and let them start the next round once you have put a new sentence on the board.

To start with, review sentences you have been doing in the class and later you can tailor the sentences to fit the class and the students. "Peter was late today." Jo didn't come because she is sick." And so on.

If they roll a 7 or a 14, then you take all their money back.

Make them count the money in English. When you finish, they have to tell you how much they have. Reward the winner with sweets, candy or even a small amount of cash.

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