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Students of English often associate other letters with the sounds that are made when spelling outloud using the English pronunciation of the alphabet--a problem for spelling name and address etc.

In this exercise, the teacher spells out each word in a sentence which commands the student to do some kind of activity such as "Sharpen a pencil" or "Open the door." I tell the students ahead how many words in the sentence and then I announce, "first word, second word, and so on." I've also spelled out portions of chants with repetition which is helpful for beginners.

Teaching very low level beginners, I have written the alphabet on the board with a phonetic pronunciation guide underneath which corresponds to their native language, for example: A ei, B bi, etc.

The activity kept the attention of the students as they waited to find out what the command would be. For beginners it was challenging and demonstrated the importance of learning to pronounce the alphabet correctly.

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