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Reading on the wrong side of the road

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This activity was a conglameration of a bunch of things I heard of and saw. I taught 6-13 year olds for 2 hour periods and this reading method certainly filled the time, but along with it the students word recognition abilities sky rocketed.

Materials: Text of some kind

Method: Depending on the students abilities or your wishes you might want to get the students familiar with the text. If not, then just continue...

What you do is you change the direction in which you read. ie (most 'western' languages are Left to right) so you simply have them read right to left. you can have them read right to left but they must skip every other word.

You can start at the bottom of the text and read backwards. Or even a zigzag style. Taking it up a notch, a backwards zigzag style skipping everyother word.

But finally to top it all of, turn the text upside down, zigzag, and read only every other word!

I incorporated this into small group reading, contests, speed drills...and these kids just soaked it up. Compared to other classes these students could truelly read.

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