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You're such a gossip!

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Hi , My name is Lilian, I'm 18 and I live in Mexico City. I'm an English teacher and an idea came to me when reading the different recipes in here .
This is called "you're such a gossip" and it is a perfect activity if you want your students to speak a lot.
For the warm up of the activity you can simply ask your students if they have ever heard any gossip about them , make them work in pairs , so each of them can have an oportunity to speak. Then , you can ask them if they have ever invented any gossip about someone else and what was it and maybe even aske them how harmful the gossip was for the other person. For the final activity you can make them work in groups . you can have as many students as possible. and ask them to invent a gossip about the other groups of students, It's is incredible how effective this activity is to make them speak like parrots , it can last a long as you need or want and your students will have a lot of fun, they will enjoy the activity and so will you!

Please if you have any ideas you would like to share , I'd love to hear them :[email protected] / [email protected]

Peace: Lilian

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