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For Beginners. I used it to teach them basic vocabulary related to routine and customs. First I made some flashcards myself with stickmen on them performing some actions. Then, I wrote down the name of the action in the infitive in a separate piece of paper. But the real thing is not in the flashcards, but in being clumsy! I used a hat, but you could use a box or something else to hide the flashcards. All you have to do is pretend you're very clumsy and drop some papers. After that, you should drop your hat or box with the flashcards while collecting the pieces of paper. You should say a lot of "Oh no" and pretend you cannot gather the pictures with the actions alone. Students will be automaticaly willing to help you match the pictures. This is good because you don't tell them "MATCH THE PICTURES NOW". You're giving them a genuine motive to match them. They are HELPING you, not simply MATCHING. After matching, I ask them to talk about their routines. They use very simple sentences like "I watch TV" "I don't watch TV". Don't forget to model first! Hope it helps.

Daniel de Augustinis Silva
Rio de Janeiro-RJ

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