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The Sweet SMAP Comparison Game

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Worked great for my Junior High 8th and 9th Graders in Japan.

Get your kids out of the dull book sentences like "Ken is smarter than Kelly." --yaaaawn.

All you need do is cut out pictures of those 5 ever popular guys from the SMAP group -which can easily be found in any Japanese variety magazine.
Paste two pictures on large sized white copy paper. Under the two pictures write comparison words like "more handsom," "older," or "cooler." Make three or four sets of these (I usually include one with a drawing of my face on it so the students can compare me to one of the SMAP guys--the kids get a real laugh out of this).
Once you've written the grammar form on the board to help students make sentences:"A is....than B," your ready to begin.

1. Students stand up and do "janken" with the person seated next to them.
2. The janken winner only has to say one sentence using the pictures on the board. The loser has to say two sentences.
3. While looking at the picutres and grammar form on the board students make sentences giving comparisons of the SMAP members.
4. Their partner responds to each sentence, for example, "Shingo is more handsome than Kimutaku" with "I think so" or "I don't think so" (also written on the board.)
5. Once finished they continue with the person seated in back of them.

You can stretch this activity by having students then walk freely around the classroom and make comparisons about the SMAP guys with 3 or 4 of their freinds repeating steps 1-4 above.

It gets them talking and allows them to express themselves more freely.
Loads of fun!

I'd like to hear any input or questions: [email protected]

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