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CLUEDO (indirect questioning)

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A rip off from CLUEDO the game, but nevertheless effective for dealing with INDIRECT QUESTIONS.
You need 18 blank cards onto which you write 6 names, 6 rooms, 6 weapons. Write these names, rooms and weapons on to the white board so everyone can see. Put 3 cards (1 from each category) into an envelope ... there's your murderer, murder weapon and crime scene. Keep the envelope sealed (even you don't need to know) and then deal out the remaining 15 cards anyoldhow.
The teams of 2 or 3 must guess WHO did it, WHERE and WHAT with.
Each team gets to ask 2 questions to each of the other teams, during which everyone else can collect evidence and eliminate potential suspects, weapons etc...
However, there is a catch. You cannot ask a direct question, ie. What cards do you have? Is it Professor Plum? Do you have a knife? This forces students to come up with passive construction "Can it be used for...?" or indirect questions such "Does your character work in a hospital?". "What couldn't you do in this room?"
Each team gets one chance to make an ACCUSATION and can do so at any time; "I suggest it was ... in the ... with the ..." BUT, once they do so they're out, one way or another! After seeing the contents of the envelope they either win the game if correct, or continue to act as witnesses if wrong. There will be many false guesses, as students are itching to accuse, eager for a resolution, desperate to be the super sleuth. They love it.

Patrick (Gangneung, Korea)

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