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Yes/No game

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This is a game one of my JTEs taught me. It works for ANY level of student.

Divide the class into teams (as many as you feel like. We usually use 2-6 teams). Draw on the board a space for keeping score. Then write on the board "Yes: 2 points" and "No: 1 point"
The students will ask you yes/no questions. And you will answer them. If they get you to say `yes` they get 2 pts, and only 1 pt if you say `no.` For example, I`m often asked `Are you human?` and `Can you speak English?`
After the get the hang of it... change the points! No can be worth 3 pts, and Yes worth only 1. Try to encourage the silent teams to speak up. This game is no prep, and works great if you have an extra 5 or 10 minutes left over after class is over, and nothing to do.
Obviously, the team with the most point wins. I usually give prizes, like stickers or pennies. They love pennies.

Rachael Prewett
Niigata, Japan

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