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Body language in limerics

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My idea is about checking your knowledge of words connected with "body language". I was inspired by my phonetic classes where we used limerics to exercise the use of stresses. I thought that i can create my own limerics to make my lesson more fun. here's the idea:

First you can give your students the example of how a real limerick should look like & the way we should read it:
There was a man from Wales
Who drank one hundred ales.
On his way home for tea,
He fell in the sea,
And went to live with the whales

And then you give out the limerics which they should fill in.
The more funny limerics are, the easier the phrases are to remember.
Each students should work on his own.

I had a friend called Mulder
Who all the time ……………………… his shoulder.
One day in Prague,
He still wanted to shrug,
And all papers fell out of his folder.
I once knew a guy called Brad,
Who used to ……………… his big head.
Once holding the hen
He did it again
And his head fell down on the bed
I have a friend called “Beer”
Who’s obsessed with …………………his ear.
He once bought headphones
Which didn’t give out any tones
And said to himself “Oh my Dear…”

answers : 1 shrugged, 2 tilt 3 rubbing

the first who will do it correctly might be rewarded.

Agata Tarasowa,

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