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Weird Faces

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Are you teaching parts of the body? This game ate up 20 minutes, locked the words into their little brains, and had them screaming with laughter.
Draw a large egg shape on a piece of paper, one piece for each student. Give them each a different colour crayon (make them ask for their favourite colour by name). Then instruct them to draw a nose on the face- JUST A NOSE! Then have them all hand their paper to the left. Next, a mouth, then pass again. By now they get the idea. Then eyes, ears, hair. When they are finshed grab all the faces, then show them to the class one at a time. blue nose, orange mouth, red eyes, brown ears, green hair... no two will be alike.
Variation: Instead of a head, draw a torso- t-shirt and shorts. Have them begin by drawing a VERY BIG HEAD; next, arms BUT NO HANDS; then hands; legs but no feet; feet; nose; etc. Let them finish by colouring the shorts, then switch and colour in the t-shirt.
For extra laughs, give each drawing a different name.
- Con Knudtson, China [email protected]

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