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In an open area designate the boundaries a continent you happen to be on. For example, Bangalore City is next to the tree on the right. Mysore City is 15 feet away by the rock on the left. Kuala Lumpur is several more feet past the rock and Paris is a few feet beyond the tree, but not too many because you want people to be able to hear each other. If you are training indoors write BANALORE on one piece of paper, MYSOREon another, and put them on the floor 20 feet apart.
After you have pointed out the boundaries ask the participants to:
Go to the place that represents the location where you had your most memorable meal (best, worst, or most exotic).
As people rearrange themselves make sure no one goes so far away that they are out of earshot. When the traffic stops have people report where they were and what they had to eat. You will get some interesting stories and obviously this is a good activity to use just before lunch.
After you hear from everyone (or some people if the group is large) pose one or two more topics. Dream up anything that is pertinent to your group. It is best to start with less serious subjects such as a memorable meal before you ask more thoughtful questions.

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