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Writing is Discipline

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I inherited several classes of students in total chaos - the previous teacher made no effort to maintain order in her classroom. The students needed to learn to respect me and fast or I was out of there! The most disruptive ones I had them sit down and start writing good sentences, my name is, etc. and then a paragraph (from the board, they would copy it) about something - anything -why we study english, the days of the week, whatever was appropriate to their learning skill. They had to write it multiple times and it immediately took their energy, concentration and focus onto learning which is where it needed to be! They understood it was NOT punishment but simply that I was going to be a hard teacher and they needed to listen.

I still have an occasional student who is disruptive and if after repeated warnings they do not straighten up, they go to the director for discpline. This is different than imposing writing exercises on the students.

**Finally** NOW when I write on the board, immediately the students ask if they are to write it down and if so, how many times?? I do not let them see me chuckle inside! Good luck and the next teacher thanks you!

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Chonju, S.Korea

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