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World Cup Soccer Spelling

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Hi there! Here is another game for my fellow teachers. I made “Money Trivia” back in 2000 while I was working in Thailand. Now I am working as an Academic Supervisor at ECC in Korea. Many Korean students like soccer, especially after their team almost won the championship back in 2002. So here is a nice game, you might want to try to get your students interested in spelling and trying to create words.

First split the class into two groups. For younger students, usually a boy and a girl team. Each team must choose soccer player’s name and a goalkeeper’s name. By tossing a coin or playing (rock, scissors, paper) you decide which team will start.

Materials: bring in a small ball to act as an “imaginary soccer ball”

1.The first player on one team starts by saying any letter. The person next to his team mate has only 3 seconds to say another letter in “word sequence” (B,E) this combination passes the ball to a team member, and continues until a new word is formed. If the word is correct, then the last player scores a goal. (BEAR) = 4 players

2.The player who goes first is the Goalkeeper. The last player to touch the ball is called the Striker. As each player speaks the letter aloud he/she is passing the 'imaginary ball' and the form of the new word on to his team mate.
3. If a mistake is made while passing the ball, that team loses its turn, and the other team takes the ball, and has a chance to score a goal from the letters already formed.
4. When a goal is scored, their opponents will start out with the ball.

Rodney Walsh
TESOL Trainer
email: [email protected]

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