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The Polish Drinking Game

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This is adapted from a drinking game I used to play with my Anglo-Polish soccer team. Maybe its better known than I think, so I won't take the credit for it. I also don't suggest that students have to swig down shots of vodka as penalties (although that would liven up class). Some grammar or vocab question will do the trick.

1) Tell your students that you have a secret number between 1 and 100. Ask the nearest student to guess what it is.

2)Scenario: Let's say your secret number is '23'. The student guesses '50'. So now you ask the next student to guess, but this time between 1 and 50. The next student guesses '33'. So you ask another student to guess between 1 and 33 etc.

3) When a student finally guesses your number correctly, they have to answer a question or perform a task. Then it's their turn to think of a number between 1 and 100 for the remaining students to guess.

This isn't as long drawn out as it might appear. The scope of the possible number gets whittled down very quickly and its possible to get about 20 students to have all taken their turn and performed a task within 15-20 minutes. Its also pretty flexible. Worked well at my English Club Christmas party when we wanted a way to distribute the presents in a random way.

If this is unclear at all (or if I've accidently plagiarised someone) e-mail me at [email protected]

Simon, Tokyo

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