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Eat your Verbs!!

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I've done this with all of my English classes in Germany and it has always proved to be a lot of fun for the students, its funny for you to watch, and they get a kick out of seeing each other act. Divide the class into 2 groups, have a list of verbs ready. The list can be changed with the level of English. For example, I used a list of irregular verbs. Each group then chooses one person to begin. I give each group a different verb and they have to proceed to act out the verb without speaking and their group has to guess in English what it is, then whoever guesses it correctly must go to the front of the room and write down the 3 forms of the irregular verb. I give the new person a verb and it starts all over again. It ususally starts slow at first, but every time the students have gotten really into it and it starts going very quickly and almost runs itself! I then at the end give points for every correctly spelled and formed verb and count off for the wrong ones. The winning group of course gets a prize.

Liz Schroeder
Nordenham, Germany

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