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The Little Blind Chicken in Giving Directions

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This is a game I do with my adolescent and adult students in order they can give directions and memorize phrases or words for give directions, ie. straight ahead, turn right, turn left, stop, 1 step to the left, 2 steps straight ahead, etc.
Preparation: You need to create a labyrinth in your classroom or wherever you decide (I use the chairs to create halls in my labyrinth), also you'll need a cronometer and a handkerchief or scarf.
You have to divide the group in teams of two students, student A is going to be the Little Blind Chicken (In México where I teach, La Gallinita Ciega ***The Little Blind Chicken***, is a popular game between the kids, but I made some adaptations) and Student B will be the guide.
Cover the eyes of student A with a handkerchief or scarf, give him/her some turns around the classroom in order he/she lost the orientation, then he/she won't know where or how is the labyrinth now, ask to student B to place his/her mate in the start point of the labyrinth and to guide him/her, student be just can say words of direction and stop, while student A must walk. ex) straight ahead....stop, turn left....stop, and so on. The team which complete the labyrinth in the minor time wins!
I hope you could enjoy this game as I and my students do, have fun!

Ing. Froylán Espinoza
[email protected]

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