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If you are tired of having your pupils writing about their daily routines and you can no longer stand sentences such as "I usally wake up at seven AM, have a cup of coffee, brush my teeth and go to work...", this might be helpful.
Ask your students to write about famous people's routines. Stimulate their imagination saying things like "you are a maid at Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston's house and you know secrets never revealled about them" or "you have been Madonna's stocker for a week and now you'll say everything you know about her private life...". If you wish you can also fake pictures of these celebrities walking dogs, sleeping, shaving or cooking... Do remind your students to use linking words.
After you correct the stories you can display them on the school's walls so that other studets can read the little pieces of gossip... You can give a little prize to the best story choosen by the other students.

Alberto Valença Neto
[email protected]

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