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Parts of the Body

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This is not really new, but it's very fun and helpful. If you want to review the parts of the body with you students, divide them into groups of three or four and choose one of them to be the "model". Give each group a set of small cards with the name of parts of the body you want to review and some scotch tape (it would be nice if you had the cards laminated, and each group should use a different color - yes, students do pay attention to these small details!!). You should use easy parts of the body as well as those which are hard to be remembered (you can also introduce two or three new words). Play some lively song and give them nothing more than 3-4 minutes to try to label the parts of the body of the model.... if you allow more time they'll start cheating. After that have the models stand in front of the rest of the class and start checking their work giving one point for each correct card and maybe 2 for the new words. You and the students will laugh a lot when they find out that their elbows are not between their eyes... Please let me know how it works...

Alberto Valença Neto
[email protected]

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