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Making large sentence easy - teaching tip

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I teach a writing compenent for a high level class, but this can work at any level. If you're tired of students writing paragraphs of "I like soccer. It's fun. I play soccer after school" (short boring stuff) try this:

(Unfortunately it's hard to show in simple text like this)

Start with a simple sentence
IE: "I like soccer"

Add one or more words

IE. "I like (+to play) soccer"

Do it again

IE. "I like (+to play) soccer (+after school)"

Do it one more time

IE. "(+Every day) I like (+to play) soccer (+after school)"

You will find students getting very excited over this very easy way to make rich, full sentences. The possibilities are endless and they will soon be writing amazing things they themselves never realized they could write.

Cheongju, Korea

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