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Review day is fun!!

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Kids are always begging for this one. It's fun and super educational. You will need a bowlful of candy for it though!

On review day, before a test, or end of a book all you have to do is start asking review questions. Make sure kids raise their hands when they know the answer. (Try to pick harder questions with longer answers). If they get it right, give them a candy. Give the kids a mixmum limit of candies they can get (3 is good) to prevent the smart kids from cleaning up.

The catch: THe answer must be 100% right!!! Every a, every the, every s MUST be said!

Making it fun and interesting: THe SECOND they say something wrong cut them off and look for the next student to try their luck

You will be surprised how difficult this can actually be for them but they go nuts. By cutting the kids off quickly they get an idea of what was wrong with the sentence and try to correct it as fast as they can. It can sometimes take 10 tries for someone to get it right

Dirt simple but the kids think it's great (maybe not realizing just how educational it is!) Makes review day fun

Cheongju, Korea

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