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My game is based on a French game show and was a hit with intermediate level high schoolers in France, but can be adapted for most levels. You go on the net and find useless information involving numbers for example How many stars are there on the American $1 bill? (13) The students are in groups and they write their answer on a piece of paper or whiteboard, then you ask each team to say their guess and the team which is closest to the answer gets a little stick figure on card known as a 'friend'. The team with the most friends at the end of the game wins. This game works all aspects of language, if you let them read the questions, and keep an answer key for yourself. They work reading, listening and speaking all at once and they don't even think about it.
Below are some sites where I found my questions from but just type 'useless information' into any search engine and you'll find many sites.
Julie, Vosges France

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