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Two Truths and a Lie

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This is an easily-adaptable variation of the well-known (campfire? drinking?) game "Two Truths and a Lie." I used it to practice the past tense, but you could make it work with a number of grammar lessons.

1) Write several prompts for the past tense up on the board. For example: "Yesterday, I..."; "Last week, I..."; "Last summer, I..."; "When I was a child, I...".

2) Give each student a notecard or a piece of paper. Explain they they must each write three sentences about something they did in the past, using the prompts on the board or any others that they think of. Two of the sentences must be true, and one must be false. Emphasize that the sentence that isn't true should sound like it could be true. (If your students know each other outside of class, they must write things that the others wouldn't know to be true or false.)

3) After everyone has finished writing their sentences, call on a student to read out his/her sentences. Then have the other students vote to decide which sentences they think are the truths, and which is the lie. Were they right? It can be fun (and funny) to see what the student's reaction is when he/she hears his/her classmate's vote!

4) Repeat until every student has read his/her sentences.

This game worked well with my advanced-beginner adult students.

Arlington, VA

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