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Jamie's Laughable Love Quiz

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One chapter in the high school textbook deals with dating. I was always wondering how I should best teach it, and then it hit me, a compatibility quiz. What you do is make 4 questions related to dating. I had; what should your date look like, what is your idea of a perfect date, what should your date act like, and what gift should your date bring you. I give them four options per question, usually atleast two of the options are very silly answers (ie: what should your date look like, one answer is Godzilla). I make the identical questions on the other half of the sheet so that each sheet can be folded and have 2 sets of the 4 questions on it.

Step 1: Have the students fold the sheet in half, write their name at the top and answer the first set of questions.
Step 2: Have the students pass the sheet forward, mix all the sheets up and then pass them out again making sure the students do not know who's sheet they are receiving.
Step 3: The students then fill out the question sheet again.
Step 4: They can then open up the sheet and see how many answers match. I always have a legend at the bottom 0 answers = you hate each other 1-2 answers=friends and 3-4 answers= true love. They always laugh when they find out that they have found true love.
Step 5: Lastly have the students hand back the sheet to the original owner.
I also throw my sheet in and the students always blush when they have to give me my sheet back.
This teaches the students that listening can be fun, and sometimes embarrassing and it usually gives them a lot of new vocabulary!

Jamie Vermette, Japan
[email protected]

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