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An assignment I have often used for students in the intermediate level of English is to write a series of ten questions that can all be answered on one site. I type up a piece of paper with the questions and the name of the site (this can be recycled in later terms as long as you check to see whether the link still works and the site hasn't changed it's info).

Sites I've used include:
Fuji Film- asking them to find out how many kinds of digital cameras Fuji makes, or what the names of the (four?) slide films are that they sell...
Trek Bikes- what color is the XXX bicycle? How many women's frame mountain bikes are for sale?

Those sorts of sites are not controversial, and can be used for any age of student. Of course sites about famous people that your students are interested in are good, and sites with facts about countries- for example one time I asked students if there were any railways in Laos, and what year the current leader had come into power. Lonely Planet sites can be great... and of course sites you personally spend time looking at- I have used many photography sites.

I give ten questions with a mix of easy and difficult ones, and give points for each question answered correctly. I find it to be a useful homework assignment.

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