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More Bingo Ideas

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I thought I'd add a few more bingo ideas of my own, having found a couple of good ones submitted here earlier.

1. Mime Bingo

Write down a number of verbs on the board, which the students copy into their bingo squares. Next, mime each verb until you get a 'Bingo!'. Alternatively, try miming Adverbs (words which describe the Verb). Adverbs are trickier for students, so you could maybe do this after having taught adverbs to them in a previous lesson as revision.

2. Question And Answer Bingo.

Write down a number of 'answers' on the board, nothing too long, maybe even just one word, which they put in their bingo squares. Next, call out questions which match one of the 'answers'.

eg, they have an 'answer' like 'It's hot.', and so your question could be like 'What is the weather like today?' etc.

For the higher level kids, you could even go Jeopardy style - give them some questions to put in their bingo boxes, and call out questions which could match them.

3. Pairings Bingo

This broad name covers any pairings (of course questions/answers are too) which you can think of.

City/Country - give them some world capitals and then call out countries (or vice-versa) to match.
Opposites - give them words and call out their opposites.
Verb & Tense - give them verbs and call out the same verbs in different tenses, eg, their bingo square might have 'fishing', and you call out 'fish'. This is especially good for teaching them the trickier tensed words like fly/flew, catch/caught, etc.

Hope these ideas are of use.

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