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The MIX High-Low Jackpot Game

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Hi! I have been listening to a station in DC, that does this high-low jackpot game. I've found a way to incorporate it into class, go around the classroom take those who want to be caller 10, and they have to answer a question correctly (either what we're studying or in general) and if they do that job, they get to guess the amount of money in the Hi/Lo Jackpot (between $5,000 and $25,000). We write it up on the board and then shortly reply with the remark that it's too low, too high or exactly right. The student will then win the jackpot if it's correct. You see how we do this? If no one guesses the jackpot, I usually show them what it was. We've been playing this game to review for science tests (mainly)! But if you want to do this generally, sure. Good luck and have fun!

Nick O'Brien
Arlington, VA
[email protected]

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