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O.K., many of the games on this site are great for classes of less than 20 students but many of mine are 40 to 50 at one time. First make sure the students are sitting in rows. Call up two teams, they can be two to five on a team. Give the two teams seperate color chips. Now the first team can pick any student in the class to hold a color chip. The student the team chooses must ask a question(I wrote up about 40)Get the whole class to repeat the question. If the team answers correctly the student who asked the question keeps the teams color chip . The winning team will get 4 color chips in a row! If your class is smaller, play connect 3. Hey , the Ideas on this site have saved me more than once. Submitting this game is the least I can do. After all, I'm on my first term. Thanks guys- Ryan in China

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