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This is a good icebreaker for teenagers, and it often results in talking and gigling. To start, you choose a "psychiatrist" and send them out of the room. Then, the group has to quickly think up something that is wrong with them. For example, their left eye twitches whenever they are spoken to. Be creative. Next, you bring in your psychiatrist, and he has to walk around the room asking his patients questions about the problem. While he is doing this, the class has to continue their "problem" until he figures it out. It may take a while (and it can get really funny if it does) or just a short amount of time, but once your psychiatrist figures it out it always results in a much more relaxed class. If you want to play more, the psychiatrist gets to choose who gets to go next. You can play this as many times as you want, just be creative in what you think up!

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