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He'll be bald in 10 years!

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I teach in a Secondary Vocational School in Liuzhou, South China and have found this lesson is always full of laughter. It can help the students to revise the future tense. Be careful to only use it with a group you get on well with and are not easily offended.

First of all, ask the students how old they are, then ask them how old they will be in 10 years. They must imagine what the other students will be like in 10 years.
I then give an example on the blackboard using one of the less offended students:
In 10 years, David will be married to a very ugly woman. She will be short and fat and they will have 10 children; 9 boys and 1 girl. In the future, David will be a farmer and his wife will look after the children and the animals. David will be bald in 10 years and will become very ugly and fat. They will live in a very dirty barn in the middle of nowhere and will be very lonely. So, in 10 years time David will be very unhappy.
I then ask the students to secretly choose another student in the class to write about, but it musn't be a student sitting next to them. I give them about 10-15 minutes to write down their ideas then each one in turn will present their idea. You can also ask the other students to guess who they are talking about.
Groups I have tried this with, come up with all sorts of imaginative ideas and i can assure you, if you try it the students just won't be able to stop giggling!

Niki Gore

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