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The Hokey Pokey

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I found out the hard way that kids in Japan can rather shy or not confident enough in their ability to speak English, so as an Ice Breaker, I used The Hokey Pokey song and dance.

Fisrt, I taught them the different body parts used in the Hokey Pokey.

Second, we practiced the first two moves (Put your right foot in/out, and then the left...)

Third, we did a practice run. After we did it the first time, and they got the hang of it, we did it again, and it was a lot easier, not to mention FUN!

Much to my surprise, they absolutely LOVED it. I even had students coming to the teacher's office to tell me how much fun it was. We also reviewed some of the new words they learned that day, E.g. Shake, Turn Around, Elbow, Hip, Backside, etc... Also, they get a good excercise out of it.
The kids are always sitting at their desks with their arms proped up supporting their chin, so this is a great idea to give them a change of habbit.

Any questions, email me:
[email protected]
Genki Dave

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