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Practicing the Perfect

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Here's a new way to practice the present perfect form "Have you ever...".

Give everyone a slip of paper and ask them to write a sentence about something unusual or interesting that they did. Have them use the simple past tense. For example, they might write "I rode my bike across the Golden Gate Bridge." Make sure they don't write their names on the paper.

Take the slips of paper and pass them out to different people. In a circle, have one person start by asking their neighbor, "Have you ever ridden your bike across the Golden Gate Bridge?" If the second person says no, they pass the paper to him/her and that person asks their neighbor the same question. Go around the circle until you find the person who says "Yes, I have!"

You can make it somewhat shorter by having one person guess whose paper it is, and asking them only. If they don't find the person in three guesses, they have to ask whose it is. Then go on to the next person.

Sarah Wagner
Watertown, MA

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