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Those Embarrassing Third Conditionals

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This is an activity I invented when I was being assessed in my CELTA course. I was told that I had to teach The Third Conditional and as I searched the net for ideas, I was very frustrated. I wanted an interesting/fun way to introduce the grammar, but the only ideas I found online were depressing. The third conditional is used when we talk about regretting the past (ie. If I had gone to university, I would be making more money). I decided to turn it around by using embarassing moments and it was a huge success. To begin the lesson I showed up 2 minutes late and pretended to trip as I entered the room due to an untied shoelace. If Sue had tied her shoe, she wouldn't have tripped - this is the first sentence I elicited from the students and it was all downhill from there. They loved talking about their embarassing moments and we laughed for the majority of the lesson.

Have fun with this're students will love it!

Sue- Seoul, Korea

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